A Journey To Self

Learning how to love all that I am

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So it begins. . .

I've always dreamt in full color. I see myself in exotic lands, distant times with a rich decadent life. Rainbows, unicorns and fairies make recurring appearances in my nightly dreams.

Then I wake up.

And, like most people, my real life is nothing like the one I dream of. It's not full of the bright colors and imaginative characters. I go to work, come home and do it again each day. Where's the imagination, where's the fun?

I'm not a "normal" 23 year old professional. I love the care bears and believe in mermaids. Pink will forever be my favorite color. Glitter, sparkles and all things shiny make me warm inside.

So, I'm on a mission to accept that I'm not a "normal" 23 year old. To add more of my dreams into my everyday life. And to find inspiration for myself and others like me.


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