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Let's Get Started (sorry about the pictures)

So, I had the intention of going shopping yesterday. Of course, since Sunday is my official date day with my love, I should've known better. We ended up doing something he's wanted to do with me for all 3.5 years we've been together. . . We rented a wave runner. It was terrifying and amazingly awesome, and it made him happy, which makes me happy.

By the time we were done riding, showering and eating, everything was closed. So, we went to target. Target turned out to have a few great finds.

I found two shirts that lend themselves to fairy kei coords.

For this one I'm thinking white shorts and pink tights.

I'm not sure about this one yet, but I'll think some more.

These are loose fitting t-shirts. I'll be able to fit a colored cami under them, adding another layer of color.

I found these lovely wedges.

I think these will work with some classic Lolita coords as well as some fairy kei.

These fun tights.

I don't know how Lolita these are, but I love them.

These headbands.

This cute = no explanation!

Besides shopping, I decided to look through the clothes in my closet.

I believe these two dresses could be turned into a beautiful Lolita coord with the addition of a petticoat, waist ties, lace, a blouse or cardigan and accessories.

I also have these shoes, which I need to clean. I am thinking they'd be better with colored shoe laces. These may look good with the first shirt.

I'm going to keep looking for more clothes and accessories I can use to make some coordinates that make me feel beautiful and special. I'm also going to make a list of the items I need to create my first few outfits.

On another note. . .
I started to introduce my love to Lolita fashion through pictures. He is not against it, but I know that he doesn't love it either. He likes when I dress. . .well, sexy. . .I'm not sure modesty is going to go over well with his natural aesthetic. So, the plan is to just talk him through each step. Show him everything and make sure he's comfortable with everything I'm doing. Maybe I can combine the two... Without being ita. . .I mean there is ero loli, which I'm not really interested in for everyday....this may get complicated. I mean, I've dressed one way for our entire relationship, I defiantly don't want to push him away by changing my outside too much. But I need to express myself. Finding a balance is crucial, and hopefully I will.

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